Pretty trumps Powerful?

So a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how I stumbled upon The Voice UK, and how I wanted to follow it as much as I can. Went on YouTube, clicked onto my favorite account for The Voice UK clips, and saw this:

Vince Freeman is a powerhouse, a very strong singer. He has an awesome moustache (had to point that out), and a voice that sounds as solid as an oak tree and as powerful as the hurricane that will be necessary to bring it down. Bo Bruce is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum; to me, she sings as if she’s in tears, and every time I hear her, I feel a tug of something that’s somewhere between sympathy and heartache. Her voice sounds beautiful and hurt, and she has used that to great effect in her performances.

Why Danny set up this match, I’m not sure; it’s always a messy business, comparing apples and oranges. But he did, and what we got was a great duet. Beautiful counterpoint, complementation of totally different flavors, lending different tones to the same lyrics. Vince sounds like indignant, fiery bitterness, but delivers a beautifully tempered performance. Bo sounds like a cracked gem that, in spite of the damage, casts the most beautiful light.

The clip concludes with Danny saying this (I could be wrong, what with Danny’s slight accent):

“I can only put one person through… the harsh reality is, great voices… I think one’s gonna sell more records than the other, and… I’m tonight with Bo.”

A lot of people were angry about that, and said that Vince Freeman was robbed. It sounds certainly like Bo was chosen because she would be an easier sell.

But based on what I saw in the clip, and what I understood, Danny didn’t say that he chose the one that would sell more records; he said he based his decision on that.

With that, I’m choosing to understand it as Danny seeing how awesome Vince is, and how he doesn’t need backing from a talent-show record label to get a following and, hopefully soon, get signed. Vince Freeman can still win, in my opinion. With a voice like his, he doesn’t need a singing contest to win.


Voices from across the Pond (Assuming You Live in the US)

So lately, I’ve been watching different singing competitions; I still can’t follow them as religiously as I could, but thanks to the wonder of video streaming, I can watch them online.

As I finished watching a video for The Voice, I saw a suggestion for a related video; it looked like The Voice, but why was Danny O’Donoghue, lead vocalist of The Script there? I clicked, and I realized that it was a clip from The Voice UK, which apparently recently started its first season.

There are quite a few clips fromĀ The Voice UK on YouTube right now; I learned that the four judges competing are Danny, Jessie J, (apparent nemesis of punctuation and capitalization), and Tom Jones.

Wanting to give the UK singing contest a fair shake, I watched on, jumping from one clip to another, and was happy to find some admirable talents, comparable to their American counterparts.

There are genuine artists and performers–those who want to give songs their own spin and style:

Then there are those who have simply fantastic or sick singing ability:

And there are the ones with really pretty voices:

And there are, of course, mystifying decisions by the judges. The ones that have you asking “why did they turn around?” or “why didn’t they turn around?”

I’d like to come up with a full taxonomy of the contestants, but I have no time. Just follow them online, and get goosebumps when you can. Infinite thanks to YouTube user Matenohoru!